No compensation?

"I detest the endgame. A well-played game should be practically decided in the middlegame", said David Janowsky. That's my motto.

Having finished my first non-blitz DDG game (Heikkinen – Aapola, 1990), I was told that during the game somebody had said: "Jyrki is about to lose because he is a pawn down with no compensation."

But I'm always a pawn down, sometimes even more – that's how I play chess. Those unbalanced positions are familiar to me. My opponents often overestimate their position, and play as if they were clearly winning. That's when I hit. I love to attack; when I'm an underdog, I keep looking for my opponent's mistake that allows me to start an attack.

If you only try to desperately equalize in the gambit, you should not play the DDG or BDG at all. There are many normal openings that give a small advantage for White.