DDG centennial in September 2007

The history of the DDG has been blurry. The name of the opening was coined by Emil Joseph Diemer, who referred to German Andreas Duhm (1883-1975), who won Swiss Championships three times in 1900-1913. I only knew his one correspondence game against Martin from 1909.

Bernd van der Meulen shed more light on the history when he wrote to me recently: "It has been a pleasant surprise to find out through your [DDG] website that the name of my grand-uncle Andreas Duhm is connected to a chess opening."

Bernd's article on the early history of the DDG will be published soon in Kaissiber. The article contains four Duhm games, three of which were played in a correspondence tournament, which started on September 23, 1907. "It seems fair to say that the DDG was born on that date", Bernd wrote.

So the DDG centennial will be in September 2007! I guess I should start planning something special for it.

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