Creating chess diagrams and playable online games

Update: The sites mentioned below have stopped working. Nowadays I use webchess.freehostia.com for chess diagrams.

I guess I'm not the only chess blogger who starts with technical questions.

Question 1: How do I create chess diagrams?

ChessUp.net looks as simple as it can get. I don't even have to save and store image files, but can directly link to their site, which generates an image. I just wonder whether their site can handle the load when more and more people start linking there. The diagrams look nice, though.

How does White win here?

Question 2: How do I provide online games?

Chess Publisher, recommended by Chess Patzer Theories, does the trick with Flash.

I found a bug: Chess Publisher does not display correctly the national characters in the PGN file. The name of my opponent is Matti Grönroos.

Enough technology gibberish. I learned two lessons from my game against Grönroos. What to do in a worse position?

  1. Search for the most aggressive plan. Instead of 23.Rxf4, most players would get rid of the doubled pawns by playing 23.gxf4. But as Black's advantage is already decisive, it is more important for White to bring the rook to the attack.
  2. Keep setting traps. 28...e5 provokes the rook on f4 to move, so 29.Rc4 looks a natural and innocent move. However, it threatens a checkmate in 5, which Black failed to see.


Anonymous said...

Creating chess diagram for bloggers try ChessGenie chess diagram generator, here's the snippet:
<center><iframe src="http://www.rootyhillchess.org/blog/chessgenie0.php?FEN=rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR,W" frameborder="0" height="300" width="310">
Cut and paste the code and change the value of FEN for any given chess position, The last letter of can W or B (for White or Black to move)
By the way CHESSGenie is the flash program (with interactive pieces) that is use by ChessPublisher... Visit www.rootyhillchess.org for more ChessGenie in action.

Anonymous said...

Ooops... there's a typo error, that should be...


Scott Ream said...

You can also use pgntojs http://www.cmpgo.de/chess/pgntojse.html

as an iframe element. That way you can have the whole game playable with variations.

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