BDG basics

The following 90 minutes game, played two days ago, presents the basic BDG themes: White's queen and bishop threaten checkmate on h7, which Black's knight tries to defend on f6.

Jyrki Heikkinen – Jari Miettinen, Espoo, Finland, November 2006

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 d5 3.e4 dxe4 4.f3 e3 5.Bxe3 e6 6.Qd2 Bb4 7.a3 (I prefer a bishop pair) Bxc3 8.bxc3 O-O 9.Bd3 Nbd7 10.Ne2 c6 11.Bg5 e5 12.O-O Qa5 13.Ng3 exd4


14.cxd4 Qxd2 15.Bxd2 is, of course, OK for White, but I prefer attacking with the queen. Sacrificing two pawns for the initiative could be called collateral damage.

14...dxc3 (14...h6 15.Bxh6 Qe5 16.Qh4 gxh6 17.Nf5 +-) 15.Nf5 Qc5+ 16.Kh1 Nd5?

Black should play 16...g6 (or 16...Re8) 17.Rfe1 Nd5. Other losing moves: 16...h6? 17.Bxh6! or 16...Ne5? 17.Nh6+ Kh8 18.Bxf6 +-.

17.Qh4 N7f6

18.Nxg7 Kxg7 19.Qh6+

Also winning is 19.Rfe1 Qd6 (19...h5 20.Re5 Qd6 21.Bh6+) 20.Qh6+ Kh8 21.Bxh7 Rd8 22.Bg6+ Kg8 23.Rad1 Qf8 24.Rxd5 +/-.

19...Kg8 20.Bxf6 Nxf6 21.Qxf6 Bd7 22.f4 Bg4 23.h3 (23.f5! is simpler) 23...Bh5 (23...Qh5 24.Kg1) 24.Qh6 Bg6 25.f5 1-0

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