1.d4 (if 1...d5, then 2.e4)

This blog is dedicated to crazy gambits. Playing chess for over 20 years, I still haven't learned to respect material. You could call me goal-oriented: I start thinking about checkmate from the first move. In other words, I attack and sacrifice like crazy.

I have always played dubious gambits such as Diemer-Duhm (DDG) and Fajarowicz. Blackmar-Diemer (BDG) has been my main weapon for ten years.

The idea of creating this blog came suddenly, actually today. I have no master plan, but simply plan to publish some of my games, analysis, views, ideas.

In the early days of the Web in 1994 I created the DDG pages, and kept updating them regularly for many years. I have been too lazy to update them since 2003. This blog will replace the DDG News that I started to publish there.

There was a small but active on-line community of DDG players in the late 1990s: we played DDG e-mail tournaments, had lively discussions, analyzed each other's games. I hope this blog helps revive the DDG community.

Some time ago I started to play with an idea of moving the useful content (selected opening analysis, some games and articles) from the DDG pages to a wiki, so that anybody could easily update it. Is there an existing chess wiki where the DDG stuff would fit in?